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In my time away from school I am going to be visiting lots of different cities, seeing lots of different schools and talking to lots of teachers, principals and important people.

You can email me with answers to the clues I put up whereisAlison@kts.school.nz .  

Alison's Fellowship Blog 

City 11 and 12.   A change this time.  Two 'arty' photos giving you a clue as to where I was last week (city 11 - you might want to ask Miss Canty) and where I am this week (city 12).  Do you know where I am?   Email me 

City 11 

City 12 

City 10 I have had a fabulous week in Folkestone which is not far from Dover or Canterbury. It was a lovley place by the sea.        

City 9 I loved my time in Toronto and learnt so much about what is happening around helping students be the best they can be.    


City 8  I have visited lots of schools and done some great learning in Prince Geroge and Kelowna (including Vernon and Penticton).  Overall I have spent 3 weeks in British Columbia so have go to see lots of kids, schools and teachers.  



City 7  I loved spending time on Vancouver Island both in Nanaimo and Victoria.  I even managed to drive myself to Tofino where I went bear watching.  I also met some fantastic people from whom I learnt so much.   I even tried a Nanaimo bar!


City 6  What a fantastic city Vancouver is.  I visisted the area of Vancouver that is known as Gastown and did some of the seawall walk.  It was a lovely day so very much enjoyed that.  I have been to a great conference with soe great people and have learnt so much.  



City 5  I have loved being in Chicago, Illinois.   Lake Michigan is huge - you can't see to the other side.  I havent managed to see Barak or Michelle Obama but i have met with some great leaders and seen lots of Chicago.  My favourite place was the Art Gallery - so much gorgeous pieces of art.    


City 4  I have had a fantastic week in Charlotte, North Carolina at Stallings Elementary School with a friend of mine.  It was great to have the whole week at a school.  They all know lots about New Zealand now.  


City 3  begins with P and is Devon.  Plymouth is where passengers on the Mayflower left in 1620 to settle in a brand new country (USA).  It has been a very interesting and lovely city to visit.  I have been to 5 different schools and spoken to lots of people.  


 City 2.  For Easter I am going to the birthplace of William Shakespeare.  I am even going to see one of his plays on Friday night.   It is right upon the river Avon. 

I have had a lovely time in Stratford-upon-Avon where William Shakespeare was born and died.  


City 1 - Yes indeed it was London.   This city is famous for its pomp and ceremony.   The head of our government lives here.  Do you think I could go and have tea with that person? 

I have been having a great time in London.  Yesterday I went somewhere lots of you would have liked to go.  It was very big with lots of skeletons ... yes it was the Natural History Museum.   


I have had a wonderful 2 days in London and as the weather has been just beautiful it so nice to be walking around taking in the sights.  Saturday we saw Buckingham Palace, walked The Mall down to Trafalger Square, then down to see 10 Downing Street (do you know who lives there?) and then on to Westminster Bridge past Big Ben.    It was quite sad though to walk over Westminster Bridge and read the messages that people had left. Yesterday we visited Henley-on-Thames which was lovely as well.  

Visiting the Queen Westminster Bridge